Life Transformation Program

Resting within 50 acres of tropical woodlands in South Florida, Hippocrates offers a serene setting in which to heal, nurture and develop into one’s fullest potential. The Institute’s signature Life Transformation Program provides the fundamental training and a definitive blueprint for transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

The Life Transformation Program is a three-week residential program that runs weekly every Sunday through Saturday year-round. A literal life-change program, the holistic approach to health and wellness taught at Hippocrates includes transformation of the mind, body and spirit.

The Life Transformation Program includes:

Fine Longevity Cuisine:

Daily organic raw food buffet, green drinks and wheatgrass juice.

Blood Work:

Your blood work will show you the outstanding changes your body can experience from lifestyle changes and a living foods diet. Consultations with Hippocrates health professionals offer personalized recommendations to enhance your well-being.

More than 40 hours of instruction and educational classes available weekly:

Enjoy informative and inspiring lectures on nutrition and life principles by Brian and Anna Maria Clement and their knowledgeable staff. Classes include food preparation, taking the program home, contemplation techniques and much more.

Private Health Consultations:

Hippocrates doctors, nurses and psychotherapists consult with each guest to help them reach a state of optimum health.

Fitness Center:

Exercise classes include pilates, yoga, weight training, tai chi, water aerobics and more to help strengthen your body.

Extraordinary Amenities:

State-of-the-art fitness center, far infrared saunas, steam room, color therapy and eight ozone pools, including: dead sea salt, swimming, jacuzzi and cold plunge.

Specialized Healing Therapies and Personalized Spa Services:

Specialized healing therapies include hyperbaric therapy, cranial stimulation, IV nutrition and antioxidants, advanced diagnostics, biofrequency research, targeted supplementation and thermography. Weekly mas­sages, colon hydrotherapy session, non-invasive electro-magnetic therapies, laser treatments and individual and group sessions with our licensed psychotherapists are also included. The Oasis Therapy Center offers a comprehensive list of therapies which are included in the Hippocrates Life Transformation Program.

Learn, Nourish, Heal


Daily lectures on health, healing and alternative modalities by leaders in their fields


  • Superior nutrition through a diet of organically-grown, enzyme-rich, raw, life-giving foods
  • Detoxification
  • Wheatgrass therapies, green juice, juice fasting
  • Colonics, enemas, implants
  • Exercise, including cardio, strength training and stretching
  • Far infrared saunas, steam room 
  • Ozone pools, including: dead sea salt, swimming, jacuzzi and cold plunge
  • Weekly massages
  • Bio-energy treatments
  • Specialized healing therapies and integrative spa treatments


  • Emotional counseling and psychotherapy
  • Stress evaluation and stress management
  • Deep connections with fellow guests and educators

Over the course of the three-week program, the transformation literally occurs before one’s eyes, as the body begins to experience recovery to wholeness. Many guests stay more than three weeks in order to continue their healing process in the safe and supportive Hippocrates environment.

What our guests say

I lost well ever 100 pounds and I stand taller and I have a confidence and a strength I have never had before. Through my incredible education at HHI, I know more about nutrition and the human body than most doctors who have spent seven years in Medical School. I am a steady influence on the peop...

Eddie Brill

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