ReNew Organic Salon and Image Center

About the Salon

ReNew Organic Salon and Imaging Center at Hippocrates Health Institute is available to our guests in the Life Transformation Program, students in the Health Educator Program and the general public.  For our Life Transformation guests, the salon and image center is integrated into the program to help guests transform their external image to better reflect their newly-discovered internal image.  

At ReNew, we believe...

  • Self-nurturance, self-expression and self-confidence cultivate beauty and are fundamental to creating a sustainably healthful life.
  • Self-confidence goes hand-in-hand with beauty, and is fundamental to a life filled with health and happiness. We provide services to nurture, to pamper, to heal with organic, natural products.
  • We provide a safe space with organic products in which to renew your appreciation of the body’s natural magnificence.

Meet Salon Director Marty Landau

Marty has over 40 years in the beauty industry, including years of study in Europe at both Sassoon’s Academy in London and at Dessange in Paris. She has specialized in Organic products (organic color and haircare product lines) and services (natural hair extensions, low level light laser therapy) to maintain shiny, healthy youthful hair.

Marty is a graduate of the Hippocrates Health Educator Program and she incorporates her passion for beauty and the human spirit into the classes she leads in our Life Transformation Program.   From the salon to your own kitchen, you will discover and learn about the nuturing and healing properties in natural ingredients. Learn to feed the hair, the skin and the soul and feel your confidence and personal power grow at ReNew. 



What our guests say

"Two years, 10 months, and 18 days ago I was diagnosed with cancer...a grapefruit-sized tumor growing out of my uterus that was touching my ovary, bladder, colon, and abdominal wall. My surgeons removed my uterus and one ovary and told me that they did their best to scrape any remaining cell...

Lili B. Link

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