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This accredited and certified program runs in groups, with live conference calls, a Q&A group, and email support.

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What you will gain from this accredited and certified education:

  • Learn the fundamental diet principles and how to practically apply these into your lifestyle
  • Gain a deep understanding of how you can improve wellbeing through innovative mindfulness techniques
  • Practical application of exercise routines to suit your situation and health goals
  • Learn how to rebuild the immune system and help you to attain long-term health
  • Access to a network of like minded individuals to support and encourage sustained transformation
  • Become accredited to professionally mentor others and help them achieve their health goals
  • Get certified to teach organic, raw and living food, plant-based nutrition, and applied lifestyle medicine

Our curriculum has been designed to empower you to be successful at achieving great personal health once and for all, and to develop a career professionally mentoring and teaching others Organic, Raw & LIVING FOOD, Plant-Based Nutrition and APPLIED Lifestyle Medicine.

The Hippocrates Lifestyle Online program (HLOP) is comprised of 20 courses, will teach you the science and show you how to practically implement an organic, vegan, raw and LIVING FOOD, circular economy-based plant-based diet and healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Attain a certification with us at Hippocrates and an Accreditation with the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring.

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Become certified and accredited

Hippocrates Health Institute certifies you in Organic, Raw and LIVING FOOD, Plant-Based Nutrition and the Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Protocol and APPLIED Lifestyle Medicine. You are professionally mentored in the program and HLOP is accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring.

Work at your own pace with our 320+ hour online program

The HLOP program is over 320-hours and takes approximately one year to complete. Some students complete it in less time and some take more than a year. For your enjoyment HLOP is 80% video. However, there is some reading via presentations and recommended books/resources. We have students who speak English as a second language who comfortably complete the HLOP.

Learn from home

Flexible education means you can take the course at your own pace. You can listen anywhere, anytime from any device so you can finish in faster than 1 year if you like.

Build a business in your community, and from home online

Learn how to build a business in your community, or online via Skype or Zoom, professionally mentoring and teaching others. Continue your career with us after HLOP onto our accredited coach training.

Flexible learning with support from experts

Although you can do the course at times which suit you we also offer student support through professional mentoring from our team at Hippocrates with student email support Monday to Friday, and a private group that is mentored by a Ph.D. Hippocrates Lifestyle Graduate and Accredited Professional Coach graduate. There are also monthly live conference calls where you can ask questions and be mentored by our expert staff, including Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N., himself, and other notable guest speakers.


The Online Experience

620+ Videos insights

520+ training resources

810+ Learning documents

1 Live conference monthly

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The Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program has over 90+ contributors

Brian Clement Ph.D., L.N.

Co-Director of Hippocrates Health Institute and author of numerous books, Brian travels the world giving lectures on the benefits of a raw and living foods diet and the Hippocrates Lifestyle.

Anna Maria Clement Ph.D., L.N.

Co-Director of Hippocrates Health Institute, Anna has brought a European approach to healing to the Institute. She travels the world with Brian lecturing on the Hippocrates Lifestyle.

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens M.D., M.D.(H.), N.D.(H.C.), D.D.

A leading live-food vegan medical doctor, holistic physician and author, Gabriel Cousens is also Yogi, an Ayurvedic practitioner and Chinese herbalist.

John J. Ratey M.D.

A psychiatrist and an expert of neuropsychiatry, John is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the brain-fitness connection and author of the bestselling book on exercise: Spark.

Hans Diehl H.Sc., M.P.H.

As a National Institutes of Health-supported research fellow in cardiovascular epidemiology, Hans evaluated the impact of the Pritikin Longevity Center. He is also a world-class speaker and author.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D
Dr Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Through his medical practice, as well as his New York Times best-selling books and PBS specials, Dr. Fuhrman has helped thousands of people using a nutrient-dense, plant-rich eating style that he calls the Nutritarian diet.

Dr. Gerard Pollack, Ph.D
Dr. Gerald Pollack, Ph.D.

Author of The Fourth Phase of Water, which won the World Summit Excellence Award, Dr. Pollack is also professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington.

Dr George W. Yu M.D.
Dr. George W. Yu, M.D.

Faculty appointment George Washington University Medical Center, Department of Urology-1981 to present date. Clinical Professor of Urology, Dr. Yu has enormous experience and research that links health and nutrition.

Hear from our students

Our students have done many remarkable things with their education. Over 40% of our students start heath practices where they market their services: mentor and teach others how to live healthier lives. Some students have simply learnt how to live a healthier and happier life, some have started wellness centers, others have gone to work at wellness centers. Students have started sprouting businesses, some have started advocacy initiatives, others have started organic clothing companies. All students add their Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program certification to their resume to boost their career choices.

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This accredited and certified program runs in groups, with live conference calls, a Q&A group, and email support.

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Hippocrates has helped over 120,000 people globally over a 60+ year period to improve or regain their health at their institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.

We launched our online program in 2015 with an aim to help more people online and now have 1,000+ online students in 61 countries helping people in their communities and online.

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