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Life Transformation Mastery

A two-week mentorship with our legendary Co-Directors Brian and Anna Maria Clement.

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This Two-Week Program Will See You Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Techniques Used At The Hippocrates Health Institute, Complementing Your Knowledge From The Life Transformation Program (LTP).

It is also your opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the lifestyle community and organic culture here at Hippocrates, that has been helping people create powerful health for over 65 years.

With over 60 hours of extensive core content, this program packs an intensive learning experience into two weeks and is catered to guests who have previously attended, or are in the process of finishing, the Hippocrates Life Transformation Program (LTP).

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The Experience

Alongside coaching, consultation and therapy sessions, you will take part in 19 educational classes that will educate you about:

  • Detoxing the mind and body
  • Living and maintaining holistic lifestyle principals
  • Understanding Quantum Biology and how to influence your own DNA
  • Growing and preparing living foods, wheatgrass, and sprouted beans
  • Understanding the power of Light and frequency and how it relates to our vitality
  • Creating raw dishes, snacks and desserts
  • Learn how to create and market yourself in the Hippocrates Lifestyle
  • Optimizing your energy input and output
  • The impact of relaxation and stress on our health
  • The impact of hormones, oxygen, phytonutrients and enzymes at a cellular level
  • Cellular structure and how it is impacted by good nutrition
  • What makes an environment healing and how to create it for yourself
  • Learning how to listen to your body and love yourself
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The Life Transformation Mastery Program Includes Unlimited Access To:

Infrared saunas

Indoor and outdoor exercise classes

Meditation classes

Yoga classes

Twice-daily wheatgrass juice

All lectures



All common relaxation areas and walking trails throughout the lush property

Group therapy sessions (healing circle, journaling class, etc.)

Cooking and recipe classes

Participation in our weekly outing (scheduled for Saturdays after breakfast)

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With The Education That I Have Received From Both The Life Transformation And Health Educator Programs, I Feel I Have The Tools Necessary To Not Only Walk My Own Path In Finding Vibrant Health, But To Help Others In The Process. Denise Sasiain

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